Highways officials have promised action on a busy route into Norwich described as a "death trap" by one man living there.

Alistair Brooks, 53, says the A1067 Fakenham Road where he lives with his elderly father Graham is "dangerous" with crashes and near misses a regular occurrence.

Mr Brooks says he and his neighbours in the stretch of road at the junction with Well Lane in between Bawdeswell and Lenwade are scared to reverse out of their own drives, instead opting to take the long route around country lanes to avoid a sharp blind bend.

But now Norfolk County Council has promised to discuss his proposal for a new speed camera with him along with the Safety Camera Partnership team and Norfolk police.

A county council spokeswoman said: "Norfolk County Council works closely with Norfolk Police to identify the areas of greatest need of road safety intervention.

"The Safety Camera Partnership team are looking into the issues raised and will respond directly with the resident once the full details and location of the site in question have been confirmed”

Norwich Evening News: The blind bend on the A1067 near Mr Brooks' homeThe blind bend on the A1067 near Mr Brooks' home (Image: Alistair Brooks)

Incidents on the road this year have included a two-car crash in May close to Mr Brooks' home and a woman injured in a crash between a lorry and a car in June.

Mr Brooks welcomed the council's move and said he had already been speaking to highways boffins.

He said: "I had a brilliant phone call from the highways department this morning and they said they would look into it which is fantastic news.

"I want to thank the Evening News for something which will have saved lives and people's homes as it's just a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt or killed, or a lorry crashes through someone's home."