A man living in a "dangerous" road near Norwich has described it as a "death trap" while calling for urgent action.

Alistair Brooks, 53, who lives in the A1067 Fakenham Road at its junction with Well Lane between Bawdeswell and Lenwade with his elderly father, Graham Brooks, says crashes and near misses are a regular occurrence.

Mr Brooks says he and his neighbours regularly take a long route around country lanes in order to avoid pulling out across the busy blind bend.

He says Norfolk County Council must install a speed camera on the road and reduce its speed limit from 50mph to 40mph with increased signage warning drivers.

Norwich Evening News: Mr Brooks with his dad GrahamMr Brooks with his dad Graham (Image: Alistair Brooks)

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Mr Brooks said: "This road is an absolute death trap.

"We live on a road where there have been six deaths in 15 years, it's so dangerous.

"There's a car left in a farmer's field just across from me after it crashed a month ago and came off the road.

"We're too scared to pull out of our own driveways at the moment, something has to be done.

"I've spoken to no end of people about this but nothing has come of it."

Norwich Evening News: The A1067 Fakenham Road near Well Lane The A1067 Fakenham Road near Well Lane (Image: Newsquest)

Incidents on the road this year have included a two-car crash in May close to Mr Brooks' home and a woman injured in a crash between a lorry and a car in June.

Mr Brooks said the while the road itself was dangerous, drivers were also going too fast.

He added: "They come round the corner well over the speed limit, motorbikes are the worst offenders.

Norwich Evening News: Mr Brooks' home which sits right on the blind bendMr Brooks' home which sits right on the blind bend (Image: Alistair Brooks)

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"I've spoken to the council and the police but they just want nothing to do with it.

"Something has to change because at the minute there's a high probability of something horrible happening."

Norfolk County Council says it will be in contact with the police, Safety Camera Partnership and Mr Brooks to come to a solution for the issues.