Discussions are continuing over plans to open a new Norwich outskirts cafe hosting seances and speed dating despite its planning application expiring.

Plans to open the new cafe in the Astley and Co estate agents in Sprowston's Wroxham Road have already received a number of objections from officials at Sprowston Town Council, Broadland District Council and Norfolk County Council.

Its application was submitted to the district council in May and a decision was expected by early August, but highway issues relating to a lack of parking spaces have meant a decision has not been reached and the application expired on September 1.

Sprowston Town Council and the county council's highways team have both raised concerns the new business will inflame existing parking problems, with Broadland District Council's environmental health team also objecting on extraction grounds.

Norwich Evening News: Wroxham Road in Sprowston has been plagued with parking issues for yearsWroxham Road in Sprowston has been plagued with parking issues for years (Image: Newsquest)

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Now, a spokesman for Broadland District Council says the application is still being considered by the planning team with it being "talked through" by highways officials and the applicant.

It is still not known when a decision will be made on the new business.

The cafe is planning to serve alcohol, host themed nights and serve food along with the seances.

Throughout the application process, the business's owner has been adamant her cafe will not have an impact on parking.

She said: "The public do not have the right to park anywhere.

"The coffee shop should have an equal opportunity to create a living, create employment for the local area, improve the local economy and provide a community space for local residents to walk to. Not everybody will drive."

But she had failed to note her car park still required six additional spaces in order to meet the criteria required for a cafe by the council.