A city woman is scared to leave her driveway after cars parked for a nearby dentist surgery and shops created "dangerous" blocked views.

Amy, who lives close to the Friends Dental Practice in Wroxham Road, Sprowston says she has even had a customer for the practice park in her drive and tell her they were "here for my filling".

She also says the busy road has seen a number of near misses when she has been trying to cross the road with her seven-year-old son, Leo, claiming cars drive well over the 30mph speed limit.

Norwich Evening News:

Along with five others living in the street, Amy is hoping to get double yellow lines painted down the road and a 20mph speed limit introduced.

It comes after Sprowston Town Council debated the issue at its last meeting on March 15, where it agreed to propose double yellow lines on the road and neighbouring Blenheim Road to the county council highways team.

Norwich Evening News:

Councillors and folk living in the road also have concerns over a planned expansion to the dentists which has seen its car park close for work, exacerbating the problems.

Amy said: "It's ridiculous, I can't see the road when I'm pulling out for all the cars.

Norwich Evening News:

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"The dentist's car park has now been shut for a week and it's just made things worse.

"It's getting really dangerous, cars are just parking wherever.

"It's an accident waiting to happen and cars go flying past so it's very hard to pull out or cross the road.

Norwich Evening News:

"I've given up on going out, it takes way too long.

"It's getting pretty scary, my boy has nearly been hit a few times at the crossing."

Norwich Evening News:

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A spokewoman for the dental practice confirmed the car park was currently closed for work to build a new staff room, but said there were no plans to change the parking arrangements.

She said: "We always tell our customers to park somewhere safe and don't block or park in driveways."