Plans to open a new cafe hosting seances and speed dating have once again summoned the spectre of parking issues.

The coffee shop, which is planning to open in the Astley and Co estate agents in Sprowston's Wroxham Road, has already received an objection from Sprowston Town Council over worries it would worsen "nightmare" problems in the road.

The cafe is planning to serve alcohol, host theme nights and serve food along with the seances.

But now it has been dealt another blow after Norfolk County Council's highways team objected to plans saying it would "exacerbate parking problems to an unacceptable level".

Norwich Evening News: Parking issues in Sprowston's Wroxham RoadParking issues in Sprowston's Wroxham Road (Image: Newsquest)

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In its objection, the highways team said the estate agents currently only required two parking spaces, but under planning regulations a cafe would need eight with officials saying six more spaces would "far exceed" the amount the area could accommodate.

As a result it said customers' cars would be displaced on to Wroxham Road itself.

Council officials said the new business would directly lead to a "highway safety problem" due to an "undesirable increase in on-street parking".

In response to the objection, the applicant claimed the car park in front of the premises belonged to the estate agent and was not a public car park, but failed to note it still required six further spaces to open a cafe.

Norwich Evening News: The estate agents currently has two parking spaces but requires a total of eight to open a cafeThe estate agents currently has two parking spaces but requires a total of eight to open a cafe (Image: Newsquest)

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The applicant said: "This is a private car park and the land to the front of the estate agents to the road and all in-between belongs to the shop.

"The public do not have the right to park anywhere.

"The coffee shop should have an equal opportunity to create a living, create employment for the local area, improve the local economy and provide a community space for local residents to walk to. Not everybody will drive."

Broadland District Council's environmental health department has also objected to the plans due to fumes being extracted to the rear of the business.

It is hoped a decision on plans can be made today (August 9).