The owner of a city bed and breakfast who has denied allegations it is a Japanese restaurant has been warned after a number of food hygiene law breaches.

A food safety officer inspecting Orlando's in Earlham Road found wrapped raw chicken being kept next to bread in the freezer, mouldy bowls and a mysterious "white powdered food item" of unknown age lurking in its kitchen among other issues.

Owner Orlando Williams has been at war with Norwich City Council and his neighbour over whether his home and B&B is also a restaurant since 2019, with the latest twist seeing Deliveroo and Uber Eats drivers collecting food from his door.

Norwich Evening News: Orlando Williams, owner of Orlando'sOrlando Williams, owner of Orlando's (Image: Newsquest)

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The city council inspector said Mr Williams was "unaware" of how much food had correct date labels due to the sheer amount stored and had "no idea of its age or place of origin".

They also reported that the establishment's sushi chef had left the premises shortly before the inspection took place and added it was "not apparent when or if they would return".

Norwich Evening News:

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It was also noted that much of the kitchen was "dirty" with no hot water in sinks and raw plugs and drill holes in the walls.

Mr Williams was found to have no formal food hygiene training and was not wearing the correct protective clothing in the kitchen, while food preparation areas were found to be disorganised.

Pest proofing was described as "inadequate" and the report described the kitchen as "of a domestic design".

Norwich Evening News: Orlando's in Earlham RoadOrlando's in Earlham Road (Image: Newsquest)

Despite the issues, Orlando's avoided a one-star hygiene rating and was awarded two stars.

A city council spokesman said: "Our inspection of Orlando’s revealed that the food hygiene standards are not satisfactory and failing to comply with the law in many respects.

"We have instructed the business to take immediate action to correct the issues and will revisit to carry out another inspection to check they have done so.

"The planning investigation into potential unauthorised uses of the property remains ongoing."

When approached for comment on the rating, Mr Williams said he had "no idea" what council inspectors were talking about.