An increase in late-night revving of mopeds, loud music and littering in a park is being looked into by police after a number of complaints from neighbours. 

Reports of the "aggressive" anti-social behaviour have come from folk living near Longdale Playing Fields in Thorpe Marriott who have made their feelings known following a drastic rise of trouble during the past month.

Norwich Evening News: Incidents at Longdale Playing Fields have worsened in the past monthIncidents at Longdale Playing Fields have worsened in the past month (Image: Google Maps)

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"There have been sporadic incidents like this in the past," said Adrian Crotch, Broadland District councillor for Drayton North.

"But it has got worse in the last month.

"People are complaining of noise from mopeds late at night and empty bottles being left everywhere.

"It really isn't a pleasant site for dog walkers and other residents early in the morning."

A Drayton Parish Council meeting earlier this month revealed that some behaviour in the public space had started to become "aggressive". 

And one weekend saw Cllr Crotch, with others, spend over 45 minutes assisting with the clearing of rubbish.

The incidents appear to have worsened as the weather has improved and more people are using public spaces across the city.

Norfolk police have been contacted and officers are believed to be investigating CCTV. 

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Norwich Evening News: Adrian Crotch, Broadland District councillor for Drayton NorthAdrian Crotch, Broadland District councillor for Drayton North (Image: Angela Sharpe Photography)

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"I am continuing to work with the constabulary to encourage them to tackle this issue," said Cllr Crotch. 

"They have been very supportive so far but we need them to do more in order to ensure they stay on top of it."

A spokesman for Norfolk police said: "We can confirm that we have received a number of reports regarding anti-social behaviour in the Longdale Recreation Ground area in the last few weeks.

"The Safer Neighbourhood Team are managing the situation and encourages anyone with further information to get in touch at"