Tougher measures to help tackle "destructive and intimidating" anti-social behaviour are being called for in a frustrated community.

A letter penned to Hethersett Parish Council by a homeowner in Sargeant Way has raised concerns about graffiti on the pavements, littering and groups of youngsters congregating in the area.

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The note claims: "Last summer we had graffiti on the pavements and litter including household items being dumped.

"Now the weather has improved and more families have moved in, there appears to be more of an anti-social behaviour problem.

"The green area is a complete state with kerb stones all over the place and litter regularly being left behind.

"This area is now regularly being used by children with no parents present in a manner that is destructive and intimidating to residents.

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"It is completely unacceptable for all the people who live in the area who will ultimately end up paying for repairs."

According to Norfolk Constabulary, Hethersett saw 12 cases of anti-social behaviour between January 1 and April 30.

In response to the letter, the parish council said there was "very little" it could do and encouraged locals to report all cases of anti-social behaviour to Norfolk police.