City folk have reported wild deer roaming the city centre pinching their strawberries and chomping on roses.

The animals have been spotted across Norwich around the Aylsham Road area, in Patteson Road and Eade Road, as well as in the residential streets near Mousehold Heath.

Deer have become a hot topic in community Facebook groups, as people track their whereabouts.

Jamie Fuller, who lives in the Mousehold area has caught some deer in the act biting the tops off his roses on his home CCTV.

Mr Fuller, who works for Ben Burgess, said: "Each morning we either see them or we see the roses bitten off and various other parts of the garden damaged.

"We've had two deer on our path and in the garden, which we've captured on camera before along with another one on the path.

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Norwich Evening News: Jamie Fuller, who has spotted deer in his gardenJamie Fuller, who has spotted deer in his garden (Image: Jamie Fuller)

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"There's a lot more in the city than people think, I almost always see one when I bike back from the Fat Cat at night.

"I don't think they're a danger as they're in pedestrian areas, it's not like they're on the A47.

"They're pretty friendly, they get out of the way of my bike."

Norwich Evening News: Deer in Mr Fuller's gardenDeer in Mr Fuller's garden (Image: Jamie Fuller)

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In Facebook's NR3 group, one woman named Pops Lox asked about the "very naughty" deer and was inundated with a host of messages reporting their behaviour.

She said: "They’ve eaten all my strawberries overnight and I have seen them multiple times in our garden this evening checking the coast is clear before coming out to munch the rest of my garden!

"Very naughty but very cute. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes."

But Kevin Murphy, who runs Norfolk Wildlife Rescue, said the occurrence is actually pretty common.

Norwich Evening News: Kevin Murphy of Norfolk Wildlife RescueKevin Murphy of Norfolk Wildlife Rescue (Image: Newsquest)

He said: "They've been there all the time, it's not unusual.

"I get called out to them all the time, but normal people see them and it kind of shocks them."