Weather, poison or bird flu could have killed Norwich Cathedral's peregrine falcons which died two weeks ago, those who look after them have revealed.

The Hawk and Owl Trust, which tends to the birds roosting in the cathedral's spire, says it will never know for sure what killed two chicks and caused an egg not to hatch on May 12.

Norwich Evening News: Norwich Cathedral's peregrine falcons in flight Norwich Cathedral's peregrine falcons in flight (Image: Newsquest)

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Officials have now sent the egg which failed to hatch for analysis and the live webcam showing the falcons in action has been switched on again.

The cathedral will also be welcoming visitors to its viewpoint once again.

Norwich Evening News: Norwich Cathedral where the peregrines are roostingNorwich Cathedral where the peregrines are roosting (Image: Newsquest)

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After the incident, Defra (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) were called to the site due to the risk of bird flu, but they did not attend the incident and the birds removed their chicks before retrieval could be organised.

The trust says the likelihood of the falcon laying again is "remote" and that it will issue an update if any further information arises.