A city car park has reopened overnight after police decided against renewing a closure order which saw it shut in order to thwart boy racers gathering there.

The Britannia Road car park was closed to all traffic in January from 9pm to 5am every day in an attempt to stop anti-social drivers meeting and speeding down the 20mph road.

Those living in the area reported seeing drivers doing doughnuts in the car park as well as hearing them revving their engines and playing loud music.

However, the closure order, which started on January 27, expired on April 27 and a Norfolk police spokeswoman confirmed there is no intention to renew it.

Councillors had hoped the order would be renewed, with Labour city and county councillor Mike Sands, who is chairman of the Mousehold Conservators group which owns the car park, calling for it to be extended to July.

Mr Sands also hoped a permanent public spaces protection order would be introduced in July to help officers move on anti-social behaviour.

Norwich Evening News: The Britannia Road car park where boy racers have been meetingThe Britannia Road car park where boy racers have been meeting (Image: Newsquest)

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The call came as those living in Britannia Road were undecided on the success of the measures.

David Newham, 79, who has lived near the car park for 20 years, said: "There have been more police patrols which may have had an effect on the number of people hanging around.

Norwich Evening News: David Newham, 79, who lives next-door to the car parkDavid Newham, 79, who lives next-door to the car park (Image: Newsquest)

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"But there are still cars coming up here and sometimes I can hear loud music coming from that end of the road."

It comes as police officers and the city council fight an ongoing war against boy racers after unveiling plans to ban them from the city altogether.

Nuisance drivers have been reported at spots across the city including Sprowston Retail Park, car parks on Magdalen Street and even the city centre itself, with more than 100 cars causing chaos as they roared through the city centre last month.