A man in his 30s has been arrested in connection with the theft of two mobility scooters belonging to a 98-year-old woman.

The scooters were pinched in February from a communal garage in St Stephens Square in Norwich city centre after its door had to be left open for maintenance work.

Jean Norris was left housebound by the thefts which took place over two days at the 20-apartment complex.

Four bicycles belonging to other residents were also taken during the incident.

The only items which were left by thieves were a number of other people's bikes which were locked up.

A man in his 30s has now been arrested on suspicion of two counts of burglary.

A police spokeswoman said: "He has been interviewed and released on police bail until June 14, 2023.

"Meanwhile enquiries are continuing."

The arrest comes after CCTV footage and images were released to police and this newspaper by bosses at Norwich Residential Management in the hope of finding the culprits.

Mrs Norris thought she had kept her scooters safe by taking their keys up to her flat, but thieves struck twice taking her red PGA Hobbit and returning the day after to steal her gold Kymco K-Line scooter.

She said: "It's unfortunate. Someone drove into the garage and smashed the door and its mechanics so it doesn't go up and down on its own.

"They've had to leave it open while they're fixing it and repairs take time.

"It's so jolly mean, especially to come back again and take the other one.

"I've seen the CCTV from the first theft and they just wander in, roam around and drive away nonchalantly with everything.

"This has made me feel indignant."

Officers said a charger for the scooter and a black and yellow rug covering the item were also taken. 

Anyone with information should contact PC John Morgan on 101 quoting references 36/10260/23 and 36/10620/23.