As the latest in a succession of 5G masts is planned, it seems Norwich is finally catching up on crucial access to high-speed mobile internet.

The latest mast is planned for Heartsease on a grass verge between Goodwood Close and Woodside Road, an area where those living in the area say they struggle for signal.

Norwich is lagging behind the rest of the UK for 5G connectivity with just 75 masts, while similar-sized cities such as Bristol and Leicester have 175 and 112 respectively.

It is the sixth to be planned for the city so far this year and would be built along with two equipment cabinets and a GPS module.

Public objections questioned the sustainability of the masts and described it as an "eyesore" that would not fit in with the surroundings.

Norwich Evening News:

Other mast plans lodged this year are also in fallow areas for internet and phone connection such as West Earlham, Sprowston and close to the UEA, where there are currently no 5G masts.

Conservative Broadland district councillor for Thorpe St Andrew North West, John Fisher, backed the masts saying they were necessary for a number of reasons.

Norwich Evening News:

Mr Fisher said: "There is no signal where I live in Thorpe St Andrew, not even 3G or 4G.

"Everyone wants to live with a phone now so we must have the masts and infrastructure to deal with that.

"I know there are conspiracy theories but real guidance says it's safe."

Norwich Evening News:

Some objectors have raised health concerns about the Thorpe proposal but an independent accompanying document with the application reaffirms the government's stance that such equipment does not pose a risk.

Mr Fisher continued: "We have to have them, we need them so much.

"It's not just phones, smart meters are government policy now and they don't work now.

"So much depends on it."