Plans have emerged for another 5G mast in Norwich as the local roll-out continues at pace.

The latest in a series of masts planned for the city will be built on Hurricane Way, close to Norwich Airport, if given approval by Norwich City Council.

It would be built in the junction between the road and Fifers Lane.

City folk can start to expect better mobile phone and internet signal in the area as the roll-out accelerates with four new masts already planned this year.

The other masts are planned to be built in Wilberforce Road, St Clement's Hill, Bluebell Road and Cozens-Hardy Road in Sprowston.

Norwich Evening News:

It will be erected by CK Hutchinson Networks along with related equipment cabinets.

Due to the pole's close proximity to the airport it will be consulted on the plans, with the council's highways department investigating concerns the mast would reduce the width of the footpath.

The planning statement issued with the application reads: "It is our opinion that the proposed design presents a better ‘fit’ within the local community and immediate streetscape, offering a reduced visual impact upon an area of adopted highway identified."

It also said the impact on the vision of those living in homes on the street would need to be "carefully considered".

Norwich Evening News:

An independent accompanying document with the application confirmed the new equipment would not pose a risk to health.

It comes as new faster networks have been expanding across the city since 2021, when EE switched on its Norwich coverage in April that year.

The city is currently lagging behind a lot of the UK with Birmingham having the most coverage with 415, while Norwich and its surrounding area has just 75. 

Those wishing to comment on the application have until Thursday, March 23, with bosses hoping a decision will be reached by Wednesday, April 26.