Norwich has joined the list of 160 towns and cities which now has access to 5G.

The city is the first place in Norfolk to have access to 5G via EE.

Currently Norwich has some 5G coverage via the O2 network - however this is predominantly outdoors with indoor signal recorded as limited.

The news comes just in time for the high street to begin reopening for the summer season.

Stefan Gurney, executive director of Norwich Business Improvement District, said: “As more people are set to take city breaks and holidays closer to home this year, it’s great that we will have faster and more reliable mobile network connectivity thanks to EE’s 5G investment in Norwich.

“With our modern lifestyles, we know how important it is for people to keep in touch with family and friends, share stories on social media, or access emails while enjoying a well-earned holiday, this huge boost for our digital infrastructure in Norwich is extremely welcome.”

Other locations which also saw their 5G switched on last week include York, Poole and Exeter.

Jane Thomas, BT Group regional lead for the East of England, said: “It’s fantastic that Norwich has become the first place in Norfolk to receive 5G on EE’s network, bringing faster speeds and more reliable connections for people in the area.

“With more people set to stay closer to home for short breaks and holidays this year, the fact people will have faster and more reliable connectivity is a real positive. Many people will also use a navigation app to find their way around a new place or use a browser on their phone to look up tourist information, so the arrival of 5G here is a timely boost.”

Marc Allera, chief executive in BT's Consumer Division, said: “We’ve announced that we’ve switched on our award-winning 5G network in a further 35 towns and cities across the UK, fulfilling the commitment we set last year to double our 5G place count. With the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions expected in the coming weeks and months, the increased capacity and faster speeds of our 5G network will ensure our customers stay connected as footfall starts to increase in historically busy places.”