From cookies to tray bakes, if you have a sweet tooth then take a trip to one of these fantastic bakeries in Norwich as voted for by you. 

1. Crusty Corner Bakery

Where: 38 Bell Road, Norwich, NR3 4RA

Norwich Evening News:

Crusty Corner Bakery in NR3 received an overwhelming response from our readers who had lots of good things to say.

Georgia King said: "Crusty Corner Bakery is my go-to! Such amazing prices and they make my favourite shortbread."

Susan Jones said: "The best bakery in Norwich is definitely Crusty Corner Bakery.

"Fantastic fresh bread, mouthwatering filled rolls with so many fillings to pick from and the best cakes and sausage rolls all made fresh every day."

The bakery, which also caters to local firms, recently underwent a refurb to celebrate its 40th year in business

2. Bread Source

Where: Upper St Giles, Bridewell Alley, Magdalen Street, The Market

Norwich Evening News:

With shops all over the city, you would be hard-pressed to find a Norwich local who hasn't heard of this bakery chain. 

Bread Source has just been named one of the best bakeries in the country and Glynis Field spoke for its quality, calling it "proper bread". 

You can find the bakery at any of its seven locations, including Upper St Giles, the Market and its new base in the stunning Cathedral Refectory

3. Two Magpies Bakery

Where: 27-29 Timber Hill, Norwich, NR1 3LA

Norwich Evening News: Two Magpies baked produce  Picture: KEVIN FOORD PHOTOGRAPHY

An East Anglian staple, Two Magpies Bakery has branches in towns across the region but your favourite is the Timber Hill haunt.

With nine locations across Norfolk and Suffolk, the bakery has a new cookbook coming out in April. 

Take a pick from its range of bread, scones and croissants or any cakes, tarts and cookies from 8am to 5pm every day of the week. 

4. Ketts Hill Bakery

Where: 3b Wendene, Norwich, NR5 9HA/25 Ketts Hill, Norwich, NR1 4EX

Norwich Evening News: Ketts Hill Bakery in Norwich

A community favourite, Sarah Crosby said: "Ketts Hill Bakery made our wedding cake last year, every slice was perfect and it all went." 

The bakery has two shops in Norwich, with one in Ketts Hill and the other in the shopping centre in Bowthorpe. 

The family-run bakery specialises in sweet treats such as cinnamon buns, gingerbread men and eclairs.

5. Dozen

Where: 107 Gloucester Street, Norwich, NR2 2DY

Norwich Evening News: Dozen Bakery in Norwich

Dozen has won hearts and minds with its minimalist shop and selection of slow-fermented bread and pastries made from East Anglian-grown grains.

Not only does Dozen deal in cakes, pastries, and sandwiches, but pizza too

It also offers a selection of Norfolk produce including cheese, jam and chutneys.

6. Fresh Bake

Where: 6 Dixon's Fold, Norwich, NR6 7QD

Norwich Evening News:

Old Catton bakery, Fresh Bake, has something for everyone. For Richard Roe, it's the cheese straws which he described as the "best in the area". 

Christine Leighton said: "Fresh Bake kept us going throughout lockdown." 

The NR6-based bakery offers a range of tasty sausage rolls, sausage and meat pies and is currently the second highest-rated bakery in Norwich according to Tripadvisor.

7. Easters Bakery

Where: 2d Oval Road, New Costessey, Norwich, NR5 0DE

Norwich Evening News:

New Costessey favourite Easters has been serving its baked goodies since 1998 and has gathered a host of loyal followers.

Andrew Brewer said: "Easters has a great range of goods and friendly helpful staff. The queues outside are the best evidence of how good the shop is."

More than just a fantastic place to get a flapjack, the traditional craft bakery raised an incredible £22,537 for charity in November.