The city is back on track after the mighty clock towering over Norwich market was fixed.

This week the Evening News launched its 'We'll Sort It' campaign.

It aims to fix problems facing our readers. No issue is too big or too small for the team to take on.

So when this paper heard that the city centre clock was stuck at 5.50 we sprang into action and got a call straight into the council.

Norwich Evening News: Norwich City Hall clock is still broken.Norwich City Hall clock is still broken. (Image: Brittany Woodman/ Archant)

With the landmark malfunctioning once already this month, council contractors were then immediately called upon to figure out why the faulty City Hall clock was determined to keep stalling.

Michlmayr Clock and Watchmakers, based in Fletcher Way, was set the task of fixing it — and reporting back its findings to see how this scenario can be avoided altogether in the future.

By the time commuters headed to their desks this morning, the clock was ticking away again.

Job done.