Calls for road safety improvements at a city junction which has seen several serious crashes is gathering pace.

More than 2,000 people have now signed an online petition calling for a roundabout or traffic lights at the junction of Crostwick Lane and North Walsham Road in Spixworth.

The petition states it is "only a matter of time that someone else is killed or seriously injured" at the junction due to restricted visibility and the speed limit of 50mph being too fast.

Spixworth Parish Council fully supports the petition.

And county councillor Dan Roper has committed funding from his local member highway allowance to conduct a feasibility study for the accident hotspot.

Staff at the St Mary's Care Home, located near to the junction in Crostwick Lane, believe the existing road structure is dangerous and would like to see the petition result in meaningful action.

Home manager, Starr Redwine, said: "There have been several accidents near us which causes a lot of traffic and difficulty with access for the home.

"It's proving quite challenging getting staff in and out of the site."

Staff have been noticing crunches near the home "at least once a month".

The petition states there have been issues caused by overtaking while motorists have been signalling to turn right from North Walsham Road into Crostwick Lane before being able to get into the junction box.

Spixworth district councillor Sue Holland, who has been working with Mr Roper and the parish council to try and push for a solution, believes the issue is getting worse over time.

She said: "We have tried before to get something done about it ever since the NDR opened. We are working with the county council on it.

"The feasibility study should be completed in the new year to look at what the options are. The biggest problem would be money but there are ways to get it done.

"We hope some good options are put forward through the study."

Mrs Holland said traffic can queue as far back as Crostwick Common from the junction which causes difficulty with turning off.

Grahame Bygrave, director of highways and waste at the county council, said: “We have an ongoing programme of road, pavement and cycleway improvements and we continually assess data to best target interventions.

"We have recently carried out a site visit and assessment of the B1150/Crostwick Lane junction to determine whether there are any immediate actions that will help improve safety at this location.

"This site inspection identified some minor road marking and visibility improvements that could be made to help support road safety.

"This work will be carried out over the next two months and we will continue to monitor the safety performance of this junction and will take further action as necessary.”

The petition can be found at