More than 1,000 people sign roundabout petition for 'perilous' road

The junction of Crostwick Lane and North Walsham Road in Spixworth 

The junction of Crostwick Lane and North Walsham Road in Spixworth - Credit: Google Maps

Campaigners are demanding a roundabout be built at a fast-moving and "dangerous" junction. 

More than 1,100 people have signed a petition to get a roundabout or new set of traffic lights put in at the junction at Crostwick Lane and North Walsham Road in Spixworth. 

Within three days of the petition going live 1,170 people have put their names to it - insisting the county council takes urgent action.

The road was clear from around 5pm after the cars involved had been moved. Picture: Daniel Moxon

The junction of North Walsham Road and Crostwick Lane in Spixworth - Credit: Archant

The petition states: "There have been several serious accidents at this junction and it is only a matter of time that someone else is killed or seriously injured." 

It argues visibility is restricted in both directions on the 50pmph stretch, while motorists have dangerously tried to overtake those turning into Crostwick Lane. 

One comment on the petition says: "This road is perilous. It is so dangerous for all road users.

"My brothers had an accident here some years ago and were lucky to escape relatively unscathed."

Among those to sign the petition are county and district councillor Dan Roper and parish and district councillor Sue Holland, who have both been lobbying on the issue for years. 

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They believe the construction of the Northern Distributor Road (NDR) put the calls to improve the road on the backburner. 

But Mr Roper has committed his £2,000 highways locality budget to conduct a feasibility study into the different options for the junction. 

Dan Roper, Liberal Democrat councillor for Broadland District Council for the Spixworth and St Faith

County and district councillor Dan Roper - Credit: Liberal Democrats

He said: "We need highways to make this a priority. There is an inevitability that action is going to have to be taken at some point and I do not see why there should be a delay given projections for how much traffic will increase on the B1150." 

The councillor believes traffic lights would be a better option due to land acquisition and for the benefit of those travelling from Rackheath Lane. 

Mrs Holland added: "The speed limit needs to be reduced at the very least because people come off the roundabout at 60mph. It's a real problem."

A county council spokeswoman said a full accident investigation study will be carried out recommending measures following a site inspection from the network safety team. 

The petition can be found at