Why do we love a royal wedding so much?

PUBLISHED: 15:10 02 December 2017 | UPDATED: 15:46 02 December 2017

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace, London, after the announcement of their engagement. Photo: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace, London, after the announcement of their engagement. Photo: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

It’s official, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are all set to tie the knot in May 2018. Here Courtney Pochin takes a look at what people across the region made of the royal announcement and why we care so much about it.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

Kensington Palace said that Ms Markle, who is American, will become a British citizen and will also be baptised and confirmed before the wedding.

We asked our readers what they thought of the upcoming Royal nuptials. Here was their respone:

“Congratulations to them both, they look lovely together.” Amanda Lesley Boldero, Norfolk

“It will be nice to see him happy, he always looked rather lonely when out and about with Wills and Kate.” Cathy Rawlingson, Diss

“Happy for him. Good luck to them both.” Angie Curtis

“How wonderful. Congratulations. Hope they will be very happy, despite all the moaners and monarchy knockers.” Susan Fitch, Weeting

“Great news, Harry has served his country which is more than some people on here have done. Congratulations to them both.” Sheena Randell, Breckland

“Congratulations to them both. Harry and his brother are a credit to their mum and the UK.” Julie Watson, Norfolk

“Good luck to them. I like the royals.” Sheila Maile, Norfolk

“Congratulations to the both of them.” Sue Milbourne, Great Yarmouth

“He’s a genuine bloke, good luck to him.” Cornelis Spaans, Lowestoft

“Hope we get a day off for it! I won’t be watching but want a day off.” Chris Sellex, Norwich

“Good luck to them.” Ivan Tubby, Norfolk

“Can’t wait to see those babies.” Maria Britten, Downham Market

“I’m very proud of our Royal family and think it’s fantastic they are going to marry for love.” Janice Mcnicholas Lewin, Norfolk

“I think it’s lovely, all the moaners will be out soon, there’s already some. They earn money, we are so lucky to have a Royal family, what else brings people to the UK?” Jackie Hall, Norwich

“I don’t care as long as we get a day off.” Scott Parfitt, Ditchingham

“Another Royal wedding to look forward to, congratulations Prince Harry and Meghan.” Louise Beavis, Norwich

“I like Prince Harry but I’m already sick of hearing about the royal wedding.” Barry Freeman, Norwich

“Brilliant, congratulations to a great bloke and a lovely lady.” Leslie Gloyn, Norfolk

“I’m sick of hearing about it already.” April Hardy, Lowestoft

“Without being sexist women are loving this like any royal event. The female members of the household are glued to the news. I am not keen on the Tories and the upper class, and the monarchy costs the taxpayer a lot of cash with all the hangers-on sucking at the taxpayers’ teat. However the monarchy do a great job for the country so I wish them well.” Paul Johnson, Wisbech

“It’s brilliant, I’m delighted. They will make a great couple. The engagement news was just what the country needed after so much doom and gloom, it made me feel warm inside. The pair will complement each other and the news has been welcomed by all. They are a young couple and have a great future together. Harry does a lot for this country, I hope they do well.” Bruno Peek, Gorleston

Why do we care so much about a royal wedding?

We love a good Royal wedding don’t we? We get out the flags, buy the commemorative T-shirts and spend hours debating the little things, like what the bride’s dress will look like. But why? We don’t know these people, most of us have never met them and it’s very unlikely any of us will ever attend the actual event. So why do we care? We decided to ask an expert.

We spoke to Louise Johnson, a Psychology lecturer at Paston Sixth Form College in North Walsham, to find out more.

Louise said: “Psychology offers many explanations as to why we love a royal wedding. Coming from a Nurture approach, Behaviourists suggest we all have a fairytale prince or princess within us!

“From a young age we are told stories of the princess who overcomes adversity to capture the valiant prince; the hero or heroine, someone brave and beautiful we can live through vicariously. We love to identify with someone who seems to 
lead a perfect life and to follow the ups and downs of this life which, of course, we know, never runs smoothly.”

She added: “Nature or Biological psychologists however believe the human brain is hardwired to be interested in the goings on in the world of ‘celebrity–dom’. This can be traced back to our ancestors’ fascination with martyrs and saints.

“It is believed this is down to evolution. The desire to know about what high-status individuals get up to is shared with other primates; knowing what celebrities do means that we 
have the necessary skills to act in that way should we be ‘lucky’ enough to find ourselves in the spotlight.

“But all in all our fascination with celebrities, people we don’t and may never know brings many of us true enjoyment. It is a way of escaping from our daily routine. Be it nature or nurture, it can be healthy.

“Next time you reach for that copy of Heat or Hello! you can argue you are only doing what evolution predicts or satisfying your inner prince or princess!”

The ideal Christmas gift for royal fans?

Merchandise commemorating the royal couple’s engagement is already available to purchase. Emma Bridgewater has created a 1/2 pint souvenir mug to mark the occasion. Priced at £19.95 the handmade china item features a classic spongeware design with the words “Harry & Meghan are engaged” in blue encased in two red scrolls.

The other side of the item shows the date of the engagement announcemtn, “27th November 2017”.

Designer Emma Bridgewater said: “We have been creating commemorative ware for nearly every royal occasion for the past 30 years.

“Britain has marked its national rites of passage in China for two centuries. We are proud to be part of that tradition and celebrate the most happy news.”

The mug can be pre-ordered from December 8.

Five Royal Wedding traditions Harry and Meghan 
must adhere to:

• The Queen must approve the pairing

The Royal Marriages Act of 1772 requires all royal descendants to seek the sovereign’s approval for marriage. Meghan Markle obviously passed the test and obtained the Queen’s blessing.

• The Groom can’t pick his own outfit

There will be no debate on which designer will be whipping-up Harry’s tux for the big day, as the prince will be donning a military uniform, a tradition which dates back to Prince Albert. Prince William opted for a red uniform from the Irish Guards and Charles wore his full naval commander uniform to wed Diana.

• Royals are always right

When it comes to the seating plan for the big day, this couple will have it slightly easier than most. No squabbling over who is going to be sitting where as the Royal family always sit on the right-hand side of the church.

•Have your cake and eat it too

One of the highlights of a wedding is a good slice of cake and at a Royal wedding guests will be in for a treat as there are usually two cakes. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are thought to have chosen a chocolate fudge cake over the traditional fruit cake. Perhaps Harry and Meghan will opt for something similarly quirky – red velvet sponge anyone?

• If you like it then you should have put a ring on it...

It’s become customary among aristocratic men to not wear a wedding ring. Both Prince Philip and Prince William have forgone the bling, however Prince Charles was seen sporting one throughout his marriage to Diana.

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