Can’t wait for this election of false promises to be over - it’s driving me ‘Loony’ already!

PUBLISHED: 18:00 05 November 2019 | UPDATED: 18:09 05 November 2019

The late Screaming Lord Sutch would be the perfect politician for the forthcoming election, says James Marston

The late Screaming Lord Sutch would be the perfect politician for the forthcoming election, says James Marston


Are you fed up with talk of December’s election already? James Marston says he can’t wait for it all to be over

Where's screaming Lord Sutch when you need him? I wonder sometimes if the Monster Raving Loony Party still exists or have the main ones just carried on their mantle? It's hard to tell sometimes.

But as we get promised more and more I can't wait for this election to be over -not least because whoever wins means we are all going to have such marvellous lives.

I can't wait for a constantly warm home. There'll be no more climate change, obviously.

We'll all be going to the Ritz for our healthcare which will take place immediately and, in the process, grants us eternal quality of extended life. We shall own the utility companies - yippee. Tax is expected to be almost a thing of the past - why not? The most comfortable trains in western Christendom will run again on time - just like Italy in the early 1930s I presume. The pothole free roads and no traffic will mean we can drive our motor cars without too much discomfort.

Pensions are to be gilt edged for all - how lovely it must be to be a pensioner.

And there'll be police everywhere with tasers to boot - presumably in case someone 
is naughty in this Arcadian fantasy of the United Kingdom 
of Delight.

As we watch our now ridiculous political class promise yet more of what they can't and haven't ever delivered and then wonder why no one respects them anymore and why people are so angry with them I'm wondering if I shall bother to vote at all - as a friend said to me recently "I really am stuck, I don't like any of them."

This week I popped to West Suffolk to see my parents and we went through some old photographs - I say we went through what I mean it I emptied some overstuffed draws of pictures to have a look.

I found all sorts, pictures of me, my father's programme of events for Ely Young Farmers 1971-1972, pictures of my mother at college and as a young bride.

Father even commented - "Look at you Sue, what lovely thick hair, and not a line on your face." To which Sue replied "Yes and back then you didn't have white hair and you could get in and out of a chair without grunting."

We had such a jolly time.

And is it any wonder that many of us cocoon ourselves in the past? Life was so much easier then - at least it looks that way. There wasn't all this stuff. This stuff that stops us focusing on what's really important - how we treat each other, how we conduct our relationships, how we express our intrinsic kindness.

I shan't not vote - voting is too hard won a right - but promising a future which isn't even remotely attainable is a mistake that leads to disappointment and yet more anger.

James's Mailbag

Last week's James Knows Best elicited quite a response - here is a sample, of differing views, from those who contacted me.

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Dear James,

If only our politicians could grasp what we all feel, and you have written so succinctly.

I absolutely concur with your view, the UK is now the laughing stock of the industrial world. I have friends and professional colleagues in all four corners of who look on with interest from the outside but in with incredulity at the debacle that has evolved over Brexit. They manifestly struggle that those, the majority who voted in the referendum have been thwarted in their desire to leave the EU? They see democracy which they thought was sacrosanct in the UK being drip fed into the gutter never to return?

Kind Regards

George Redpath

Dear James,

Yes I am fed up with Brexit, us the leavers won, where is our democracy whereby the government and most of all parliament don't abide by our decision. I agree that Britain is the laughing stock, naturally the E.U don't want us to leave as we won't be giving them millions. Hopefully after the election parties can work together like grownups and stop acting like children.

Let's show the rest of the world we can dictate our future.

Thank you

Cindy Francis

Dear James,

No one in May 2016 had the foggiest idea what they were voting for in the Brexit referendum, since we were given a single yes-or-no vote with no discussion of the repercussions of crashing out without a deal and lies about the financial benefits to the NHS daubed on Leave Campaign buses. Now we are given no option other than to accept a deal worse than Theresa May's that will leave workers unprotected and threaten our economy, our health system, the future of British industry and our ability to benefit from beneficial EU legislation. How can you possibly suggest than any speedy decision is better than a considered one that takes into account all these factors beats me. The UK should be offered a confirmatory referendum in the light of what we now know. If the majority now swings the other way we should abandon this destructive strategy altogether.


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