New project seeks help to unwrap Norfolk's past

Hungate Medieval Art archive project seeks volunteers in Norwich and Norfolk

Hungate Medieval Art are calling for volunteers to help with a new project that aims to 'unwrap' Norfolk's archaeological past - Credit: Hungate Medieval Art

Historians are calling on the public to help 'unwrap' Norfolk's past through a new project.

Hungate Medieval Art in Princes Street, Norwich are hosting community archiving sessions which aim to preserve wood and metal printing blocks that date back to 1846.

The printing blocks were used in Norfolk Archaeology, an annual journal of the Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society that was first printed in the 19th century.

Hungate Medieval Art, Norwich seeks volunteers for archive project

The project will require volunteers to help preserve the wood and metal printing blocks used in the annual journal of the Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society, Norfolk Archaeology, dating back to its first issue in 1846. - Credit: Hungate Medieval Art

The centre is running regular drop-in events which people can help at, which are guided by three postgraduate interns from the University of East Anglia's Department for Art and History.

Activities include unwrapping, researching, cleaning, measuring, photographing and cataloguing the blocks with the ultimate aim of conserving these artefacts for future generations.

The next event is planned for Saturday, April 23 between 10.30am and 4pm, and on Sunday, April 24 between 1pm and 4pm.

The ongoing project is occurring alongside its current free exhibition, What Lies Beneath: The Archaeology of Norwich's Parish Churches, which is open every weekend until July.