Help create region's largest free-to-enter sculpture park

Outdoor Family Sunday event at the Sainsbury Centre Sculpture Park.

Outdoor Family Sunday event at the Sainsbury Centre Sculpture Park. - Credit: Rach Anstey-Sanders

The Sainsbury Centre Sculpture Park has expanded rapidly over the last few years across the 350-acre UEA campus. 

This expansion has been a mix of cultural attraction and educational resource and they need all our help to grow further. 

Sainsbury Centre Sculpture Park, Norwich.

Sainsbury Centre Sculpture Park. - Credit: Andy Crouch

Any size of donation will help to grow the centre’s educational programmes and create the largest free-to-enter sculpture park in the East of England.

The centre’s programme has the intention of having a direct social effect on the education of all ages and the mental health and wellbeing of those who visit.  

The Sainsbury Centre believes outdoor arts will become increasingly popular for recreation and education and their goal is to reach 250,000 people through Sculpture Park projects and to populate the area with exciting new artworks. 

Sainsbury Centre Sculpture Park visitor with Mirage Birds.

Sainsbury Centre Sculpture Park visitor with Mirage Birds. - Credit: Andy Crouch

Learning programme manager Rach Anstey-Sanders said: “The use of outdoor and natural spaces is known to improve outcomes for children physically and mentally.” 

The Sainsbury Centre needs help to raise at least £15,000 in the next four weeks, to enable them to bring new works into the Sculpture Park.  

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The Sculpture Star campaign closes on January 12, 2021. Find out more at 

Sainsbury Centre Sculpture Park, Norwich aerial view

Sainsbury Centre Sculpture Park aerial view. - Credit: Andy Crouch