Yard owner reveals plans for second restaurant after 'amazing' year

Yard Pasta Bar, Pottergate Norwich Lanes

Yard, a pasta and cocktail bar, is celebrating its one-year anniversary. Pictured: Owners George Colley (left) and Natty Crothers (right) with their partners Krysia Colley and Abby Kidd. - Credit: Yard

A popular pasta and cocktail bar in Norwich is celebrating its one-year anniversary with plans for another restaurant in the works.

Yard was opened by Brick Pizza co-founder George Colley and his friend Natty Crothers in July 2021.

The Lanes restaurant is hugely popular despite being so new, often having queues for tables.

Mr Colley said: "We really hit the ground running from day one. It's amazing. 

"We have an amazing team and we're so grateful to the customers.

"I can't explain why it's gone so well except that we do reasonably priced food made with great ingredients."

"The great thing about Norwich is that there's so much support for independent businesses from the public."

Mr Colley said that Yard's popularity may be due to their niche.


The t-shirts for sale from Yard are the same design as the staff t-shirts - Credit: Yard

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"I think our format is a draw, we do one thing and we do it well," he said.

"People are going to places that specialise rather than having massive menus.

"Our menu is small which means we can't have options for everyone but we try to have a range available.

"For example, we just launched a vegan carbonara with the help of local brand Tofurei using their smoked tofu."


Sourdough bruschetta with confit garlic and buffalo mozzarella - Credit: Yard

On offer at the Pottergate restaurant is a simple menu of classic pasta dishes including rigatoni with sausage and cacio e pepe. Every item is under £10. 

Yard doesn't do bookings and is walk-in only.

Mr Colley said: "The weekends are chaos. We get huge queues and have to send people away.

"We do it so we can turn tables over faster but I think it's created a bit of a buzz around us."

And Yard is not planning on slowing down, with merch for sale in the restaurant and plans for a second restaurant already under way.

Mr Colley said: "It's a slow process but we're having really interesting conversations about a restaurant in Cambridge which is exciting.

"The merch came after customers asked if they could buy the staff t-shirts. So we got some made in another colour by a local company.

"The first batch of t-shirts sold out so quickly and we're also selling jute bags. They're really minimal and don't give much away so they're pretty on brand."

Yard is located in the Norwich Lanes and is open from 5pm to 11.30pm on Monday and from 12pm to 11.20pm from Tuesday to Saturday.