FIRST LOOK: 7 treats to try at new all-you-can eat Brazilian restaurant

Estabulo in Norwich's Riverside Retail Park

Estabulo opened in Norwich this week - Credit: Andy Matheson Photography

Party music and prosecco greeted first-time visitors to new riverside restaurant Estabulo. 

The all-you-can-eat Brazilian bonanza opened at the Riverside Retail Park on Monday. 

Here are the seven things the Evening News recommends you try if you make a visit. 

1. The Picanha 

Estabulo prides itself on the variety of meat it offers - and there's never much of a wait until you're offered some more. 

The meat was perfectly pink and it's a fun presentation arriving on a giant skewer. 

Meat at Estabulo in Norwich

Meat on kebab presentation sticks at Estabulo in Norwich - Credit: Andy Matheson Photography

2. The salad

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The salad bar - which you're invited to help yourself to - features some absolutely stellar options. 

Highlights included herb and soft cheese-stuffed peppers and mango and cucumber salad. 

The salad bar at Estabulo

The salad bar at Estabulo - Credit: Andy Matheson Photography

3. The halloumi

This restaurant is a halloumi-lover's dream as staff walk around laden with bowls of cheese. 

Simply hold your side plate out and it just keeps coming. 

A fun aspect of this dinner is that you rarely have to leave the table, as the staff bring the meat to you. 

4. The chilli pasta

There's something for everyone on this menu. 

Although the restaurant and grill is known for its meat options it also has some great veggie choices too. 

The menu featured butternut squash risotto, and a creamy chilli pasta. 

5. The cocktails

Every cocktail which came off the well-stocked bar looked brilliant. 

The Evening News team particularly enjoyed the espresso martini and the peach bellini. 

Cocktails at Estabulo in Norwich

Cocktails at Estabulo in Norwich - Credit: Andy Matheson Photography

But something which so many bars and restaurants don't put enough effort into is the mocktail. 

The non-alcoholic drinks were just as tasty and well-presented as their boozy counterparts - so designated drivers will be well catered to. 

6. The grilled pineapple

A Brazilian delicacy, the grilled pineapple which is also bought to the table made for a brilliant dessert. 

Coated in sugar and cinnamon, the warm fruit dish was the perfect way to round off the evening.  

7. The chicken thighs

Last but not least and returning to the crown jewel of the restaurant - its meat - the chicken thighs wrapped in bacon were an absolute must-try. 

Chicken at Estabulo in Norwich

Chicken at Estabulo in Norwich - Credit: Andy Matheson Photography

Because they were cooked on a drill and served so quickly it meant the meat was tender and packed with flavour.