The Norwich indies putting a veggie twist on the Christmas sandwich

Best veggie festive sandwiches norwich tofurei

Reporter Owen Sennitt is on the hunt for the best vegetarian festive sandwiches in Norwich - Credit: Archant

Move over Turkey, there’s a new filling in town. 

Festive sandwich season is hotly-anticipated each year, bringing joy to taste buds with the flavours of cranberry sauce, stuffing and all things roasted. 

Turkey is the usual star of the show but thankfully for vegetarians and vegans there are lots of great alternatives.

While supermarkets have a wide variety of options, independent cafes in Norwich are offering a unique range this Christmas.

Norwich Evening News reporter Owen Sennitt has taste tested some of the meat-free treats on offer in the city. 


In St Gregory's Alley, the purveyors of all things tofu have been hard at work creating some festive lunch options.

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Tofurei uses Norfolk-grown soya to make an array of vegan cakes, pastries and of course, tofu-based products and I couldn't wait to try its latest seasonal options.

Best Festive vegetarian sandwiches norwich

The Festive Feast at Tofurei was absolutely delicious. A ciabatta roll filled with cranberry and chestnut 'soysages,' sage and onion mayo, cranberry sauce and crispy onions - Credit: Archant

The Festive Feast sandwich is bursting with Christmas flavours for only £5.

Chestnut and cranberry 'soysages' are paired with sage and onion mayo, cranberry sauce and crispy onion, all tucked inside a ciabatta roll.

It is a hearty meal and each ingredient shines through with every bite. The 'soysages' have a delicious and deep flavour and the sweetness of the cranberry sauce really compliments the other more savoury flavours. 

It definitely is a contender for the best festive sandwich in town. 

Tofurei is also giving national high street bakery chains a run for their money with its Christmas dinner pasty.

Festive Sandwiches Tofurei Norwich

The Christmas pasty at Tofurei has chunks of tofu, sage and onion stuffing, carrots and parsnips and cranberry sauce inside the light and delicate pastry - Credit: Archant

Chunks of tofu, sage and onion stuffing, carrots and parsnips and a sweet cranberry sauce are encased in a delicate pastry, offering a hearty and moreish snack.

The pasty was delicious and I'd definitely choose it over other well-known festive bakes.


Festive Sandwiches Norwich

Logans Sandwich Bar in Swan Lane, Norwich, has lots of great Christmas specials for December - Credit: Archant

Although it was shortly after 11am and my belly was full to the brim with bread, I couldn't wait to try the next one. 

Logans is one of the best places in the city for a sandwich at any time of the year but its festive specials are sure to hit the spot.

There are five different Christmas specials to be found, with three meat options and two vegetarian options.

In the Festive Sprouts, the Brussels sprouts are fried off with red onion then paired with chestnuts, cranberries and a garlic puree.

Festive Sandwiches Norwich Logans

The Festive Sprouts baguette will hit the spot for anyone hankering for classic Christmas flavours encased in bread - Credit: Archant

The crunchy bread brings a welcome texture to this satisfying festive sandwich, which can be enjoyed for £4.99.

It was really tasty and I'd definitely order it again. Brussel sprouts in a baguette was a revelation and I think the humble sprout should definitely feature more in sandwich fillings.

The crisps and zingy side salad also went down a treat and helped to make it a well-rounded meal. 

The verdict

I really enjoyed everything I tried and my stomach was very content and exceedingly full.

In the battle for the best festive sandwiches, Norwich's independents are definitely offering tastier options compared to supermarkets.

If it was a competition, I think Tofurei's Festive Feast would be the sandwich I'd keep returning for but both very much hit the spot. 

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