Restaurant owner 'excited' as Norwich street is permanently pedestrianised

Andrew Jones and Hannah Springham stock Farmyard Frozen at 15 locations across Norfolk and Suffolk. 

Andrew Jones and Hannah Springham, owners of Farmyard, are delighted at the permanent pedestrianisation of St Benedicts Street in Norwich. - Credit: Simon Finlay Photography

A Norwich restaurant owner has expressed her joy after plans to pedestrianise a key city street were made permanent. 

We reported last week how plans have been approved for the permanent pedestrianisation of St Benedicts Street.

Cars had already been temporarily banned on the street since summer 2020.

It came after calls from restaurants during the first lockdown ahead of reopening to allow outdoor dining with space lost indoors due to social distancing.

Farmyard owner Hannah Springham, who runs the restaurant with partner and chef Andrew Jones, also launched a petition which has since gained 3,500 signatures.

The temporary ban has now been made permanent, with the exception of delivery access and loading, as part of the multi-million pound Connecting the Norwich Lanes project. 

Ms Springham said: "We are really excited and it has changed so many businesses on the street such as Don Txoko doing barbecues outside.

"It is great news for the city and how cool that it has a European al fresco feel."