Norwich Open Christmas cancelled over Covid concerns

More than 500 people attended the Norwich Open Christmas 2018 event, inlcuding the homeless and the

Norwich Open Christmas has been cancelled for 2021. - Credit: Taz Ali

Norwich Open Christmas has been cancelled for 2021 over concerns about the spread of the Omicron Covid variant.

The annual event which sees those in need in the city offered a free meal on Christmas Day will be replaced by a food stall outside the venue offering turkey baps, vegetable soup, pigs in blankets and mince pies.

Organisers will also be offering a delivery service to those who choose to stay at home on the day including festive offerings, but not hot food.

Norwich Open Christmas trustee, Carol Lunney, said: "Norwich Open Christmas has decided that it would be irresponsible to hold our planned indoor event this year in light of the virulence of the latest Covid variant.

"We think that we would be able to operate legally as per usual but most of our guests are vulnerable.

"Holding an indoor event would just pose too big a risk to them in current circumstances."