From goat curry to cake jars: The bestsellers on Norwich Market in 2021

Kim Cooper, left, and Mel Abel, at their stall, The Cuppie Hut, on Norwich Market

Traders at Norwich Market, including The Cuppie Hut, have revealed their bestselling items in 2021. - Credit: Archant

Market traders in Norwich have had their ups and downs this year but what hasn't stopped is the appetite for the wide array of foods on offer in the city.

Here are some of the most popular dishes sold in 2021 at Norwich Market, according to traders.

1. The breakfast bap at Debs

Debs Champion, who runs a stall on Norwich Market

Debs Champion, who runs Debs, which serve classic British fare. - Credit: Sophie Wyllie

Owner Debs Champion said the breakfast bap is a "meal in itself" and is always a very popular choice for customers.

With two sausages, three large pieces of bacon and two fried eggs, it certainly sounds filling. 

2. Goat curry at Coral Bay

Norwich Market Coral Bay Caribbean Takeaway

Tanya Cooper at the Coral Bay stall in Norwich Market - Credit: Owen Sennitt

Tanya Clark of Coral Bay, a stall serving a range of Caribbean dishes, said: "Our goat curry is our top-seller, which is served with rice and peas, salad and coleslaw."

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3. Chilli gobi and masala dosa at A Taste of Punjab

Kirpal Singh, owner of A Taste of Punjab Indian Takeaway, at his stall on Norwich Market. Picture: D

Kirpal Singh, owner of A Taste of Punjab - Credit: Danielle Booden

Owner Kirpal Singh said the chilli gobi, a dish of fried cauliflower in chilli sauce, and the masala dosa, a lentil and rice pancake filled with spiced potato, have been the bestsellers this year.

4. The surf 'n' turf sandwich at Churros for the People

Churros for the People Norwich Market

Churros for the People in Norwich Market serves Spanish street food as well as selling products from its deli. - Credit: Owen Sennitt

Owner Hugo Malik said: "Our churros are number one but our chorizo and king prawn surf 'n' turf ciabatta sandwich has been really popular. It used to be an occasional special but it is now on the main menu and flies out."

5. Empanadas at Cocina De Mia

Ana Bridgman at Cocina Mia Norwich Market

Ana Bridgman on the Cocina Mia stall on Norwich Market, known for its empanadas, salads and Chilean sandwiches - Credit: Archant

Ana Bridgman, who runs the Chilean street food stall, said: "Our empanadas are always the bestseller. The most popular filling has been chicken and chorizo this year although the Christmas dinner empanada has been selling out every day since it was launched."

6.Cake jars at The Cuppie Hut

The Cuppie Hut at Norwich Market is run by best friends Mel Abel and Kim Cooper. Picture: Brittany W

The Cuppie Hut at Norwich Market is run by best friends Mel Abel and Kim Cooper. Picture: Brittany Woodman - Credit: Archant

Despite the wide range of baked goods at the stall, it is cakes in jars that are hitting the sweet spot for customers.

The stall, run by friends Mel Abel and Kim Cooper, sell out of cake jars "most days" and a version specially made for dogs is also proving popular.

7. Orange wine from Austria at Substrata Wines

Norwich Market best selling items 2021 Substrata Wines

Tom Lowdon, of Substrata Wines, said an Austrian orange wine has proven to be the wine of the year for his customers - Credit: Owen Sennitt

For independent organic wine merchant Tom Lowdon, orange wine has been taking customers' fancy in 2021.

Mr Lowdon said: "This Austrian orange wine has a distinctive orange colour and delicious apricot and Turkish delight aromas." 

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