Nine brews to look out for at the Norwich Beer Festival

The Norwich Beer Festival is back for its 43rd edition

The Norwich Beer Festival is back for its 43rd edition - Credit: Jess Coppins

After a year away, the Norwich Beer Festival is back and serving up pints galore to thirsty punters.

The popular festival, which is organised by the Campaign for Real Ale, is holding its 43rd edition at St Andrew's Hall and offers more than 200 different real ales, beers and ciders to try.

And while it probably isn't advisable to drink them all in one sitting, here are just nine you could taste on your visit to the festival.

An anniversary special: Fat Cat: Mad Cat - 9pc

Landlord Colin Keatley is celebrating 30 years of his city pub empire this year and to celebrate has brewed a special beer - Mad Cat.

The 9pc barley wine is being served for the very first time at the festival before being launched at the pub itself in December.

A fruity one: Wildcraft: Wild Un-Bongo Mango - 5.8pc

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From Buxton-based Wildcraft, a dry-hopped golden ale with mango on the nose.

The strongest one: Turning Point - Heavy Dreams - 11pc

If you're after a beer that packs a punch, this sticky sweet barley wine is the strongest on offer.

A gluten-free option: Barsham - Norfolk Topper - 3.8pc

The festival has a number of gluten-free options on offer - among them is this straw-coloured session bitter.

A festival favourite: Humpty Dumpty - Little Sharpie - 3.8pc

A mainstay of the festival and popular at the pumps around the city too, Little Sharpie is a fruity session ale that is back for another year.

A Dutch delight: Frontaal - Juice Punch NEIPA - 5.8pc

From the international beers on offer, this juicy hop bomb is described as 'a Caribbean holiday in a glass'.

The nameless one (ish): Elephant School - Beer with No Name - 5pc

Is a beer nameless if you name it nameless? Probably not, but this one is a coconut and pineapple IPA.

One to grapple with: Top Rope - Cold Stone Cream Austin Banana Split - 4.6pc

Named after the notoriously beer-loving American wrestler this wheat beer is fermented with 20kg of banana puree.

The cherry on top: Ter Dolen - Kriek - 4.5pc

From the world beers offering, a Belgian favour. Its bright red hue makes it stand out from the rest, an instantly recognisable cherry beer.

*Not all beers are guaranteed to be available - for up-to-date listings visit the festival website.