Norwich's newest pizza takeaway is a slice of heaven

Dough at Deer has recently opened at The Reindeer pub in Norwich, offering pizzas, po' boy sandwiches and sides.

Dough at Deer has recently opened at The Reindeer pub in Norwich, offering pizzas, po' boy sandwiches and sides. - Credit: James Randle

Takeaway Dough at Deer has just launched at The Reindeer pub in Norwich, offering pizzas, po' boy sandwiches and sides. Louisa Baldwin placed an order to try it out for herself. 


Dough at Deer started a kitchen residency at The Reindeer in Dereham Road in January and is offering both collection and local delivery.

I ordered with my boyfriend for collection on its second week of opening through its own app, supported by the Tudoo platform that many local businesses have signed up to during the various lockdowns, which was easy to use.

We selected a time slot and pulled up outside and the food was ready when we arrived and piping hot.

On offer are two styles of pizza, which are Neapolitan, which are 10 to 11 inches with a thin base and a puffy, charred crust, or New York, with an even thinner and larger base of 14 inches.

The barbecue chicken pizza from Dough at Deer at The Reindeer pub in Norwich. 

The barbecue chicken pizza from Dough at Deer. - Credit: James Randle

I opted for the barbecue chicken New York pizza pie (£13), which came with Louisiana barbecue sauce, torn roasted chicken, crispy bacon pieces, fresh red onion, mozzarella, sharp cheese and chives. 

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The quality of ingredients was superb with tender chicken and thick bacon chunks and combined with the tangy barbecue sauce, crunchy onions and gooey cheese it was an absolute delight.

The chives also gave the pizza a kick and the dough was light with a soft and chewy crust and it was already cut into slices which was a bonus. 

The Shawarma pizza from Dough at Deer.

The Shawarma pizza from Dough at Deer. - Credit: James Randle

My boyfriend also ordered a New York-style pizza and went for the Shawarma (£14) with a harissa base, shredded lamb, grilled courgettes, pickled chillies, fresh mozzarella and mint yoghurt - basically a kebab on a pizza. 

As he has a dairy allergy he was able to swap the mozzarella for vegan cheese and it was a real treat for him to be able to eat a takeaway pizza with meat as he usually has to go for the vegan option with places unable to adapt.

Before even eating it, the pizzas looked very inviting with lamb strips, fat chillies, plump tomatoes and the yoghurt drizzled on top. 

I tried a slice and it tasted absolutely amazing and my partner said it was the best takeaway pizza he has ever had.

Garlic pizza bread from Dough at Deer 

Neapolitan garlic bread from Dough at Deer - Credit: James Randle

We also ordered the Neapolitan garlic bread (£5) and it was very moreish and slathered in tangy garlic sauce.

As we wanted to try as much of the menu as possible, we ordered a po' boy sandwich to share and went for the southern fried king prawns filling (£11).

Shrimp po'boy from Dough at Deer 

Shrimp po' boy from Dough at Deer - Credit: James Randle

This type of sandwich is traditional in Louisiana in the US and consists of meat or seafood served in bread with a crispy crust and fluffy centre.

Although £11 may seem a bit pricey for a sandwich, when it arrived it was more than worth the cost.

It was crammed to the brim with chubby prawns and was swimming in a rich thousand island sauce, with tabasco, shredded iceberg lettuce and pickles too. 

The bread is all homemade, which is great to see, and on the Dough at Deer Instagram page it says they got advice from the Pye Baker of Norwich, aka John Watt, and this sort of collaboration is just what the Norwich food scene is all about. 

We also ordered the Louisiana coated skin on fries (£4) which were tasty. They also gave us an extra portion for free and asked for feedback as they were still testing what was the right level of seasoning. 

Shrimp po'boy, two portions of fries and plant-based tenders from Dough at Deer 

Shrimp po' boy, two portions of Louisiana coated skin on fries and sticky chipotle and maple glazed vegan nuggets from Dough at Deer. - Credit: James Randle

We also got the sticky chipotle and maple-glazed nuggets (£7) and we went for vegan soya tenders instead of chicken breast because of my boyfriend's allergy.

They were bite-sized chunks of joy and were accompanied by a refreshing ranch sauce and rocket.

Finally, there are a range of homemade dips available (£1.50 each or three for £3) and we got confit garlic, barbecue and sticky Louisiana which elevated the pizzas even more.

Dips from Dough at Deer

Homemade dips from Dough at Deer. - Credit: James Randle


All the food cost £48.45 - it should have come to £57 but they were running a discount code of 15pc. The food was well worth the money and you can get two excellent pizzas for under £30 if you don't want any sides. 


We didn't order any drinks as we already had plenty at home and the focus is on the food - but you can get coke, diet coke, ginger beer and lemonade. 


Collection was easy and we parked outside the pub. The team were also really helpful when we were ordering on the app when we messaged with questions about allergens.


My barbecue chicken pizza was amazing and the confit garlic sauce was so good - they should sell jars of the stuff. 

In summary

Forget the big chains, this is now my go-to pizza takeaway in Norwich and it caters really well for those with dietary requirements. 

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