You can now enjoy a taste of New York at Norwich Market as a chef has launched a Big Apple-style sandwich stall.

The Bodega can be found at stall 175 and is owned by Edd Watkinson, 30, who lives in the city.

It is initially open at lunchtimes only, from 11.30am until 3pm Monday to Saturday, serving a selection of hot and cold sandwiches.

A bodega in New York is a 24-hour convenience store with a deli where people from all walks of life come for affordable food.

Mr Watkinson, who was born in Glasgow, said: "I have been in kitchens since I was 13 and have worked around the world in high-end restaurants, including some with Michelin stars.

"But in my early 20s I wanted to be a rapper for a bit so moved to Queens in New York, but it didn't work out.

"But food was my other love so I settled into doing that and have been really lucky.

"My time in New York inspired the stall as I was skint and would always go to bodegas and pay $5 and come out well fed."

While the concept is inspired by New York, the flavours are taken from cuisines across the world.

The sandwiches available include the Hot One Please with Nashville hot fried chicken, cheese, coriander and lime slaw, Cholula and rocket and Eggscuse Me! with Japanese egg salad, soft boiled eggs, crispy onions, cress and greens.

There are a range of vegetarian and plant-based options, including one with vegan haggis, and American snacks.

There is a daily special and two desserts, which includes a peanut butter and jelly ice cream sando on brioche.

It has been a dream come true for Mr Watkinson to get a pitch on Norwich Market.

Mr Watkinson added: "It is such an institution and everyone flocks here for food and some great businesses have started up here.

"I have already had messages on social media from people from America who now live in Norwich who said they can't wait to visit."