'It didn't feel responsible' - Pub cancels all Christmas events

Landladies of the Brickmakers, from left, Pam South, Emma Rose, and Charley South, who are holding B

Landladies of The Brickmakers, from left, Pam South, Emma Rose and Charley South who have decided to cancel their Christmas events. - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

A pub on the outskirts of Norwich has cancelled all events leading up to Christmas due to rising Covid cases. 

The Brickmakers in Sprowston is a live music pub, but customers will now only be able to enjoy a drink there over the festive period and not any bands.

The venue is run by mother and daughter Pam and Charley South and friend Emma Rose and the majority of its income comes from gigs.

Charley South said: "It didn't feel responsible as after the government telling everyone not to go to pubs the attendance at events has been pretty low.

"We have a duty of care to our customers and the bands and it felt the right thing to do so close to Christmas to protect everyone and it didn't feel right to encourage large gatherings."

One of the events planned was ticketed, with customers able to get a refund or attend when it is rescheduled. 

The pub will still be open for drinks, with tables spaced out and staff all wearing masks, and there is also a jukebox.