Talk exploring psychology of serial killers coming to Norwich

A talk exploring the psychology of serial killers is coming to Norwich. 

A talk exploring the psychology of serial killers, including the Moors murderers and Fred and Rose West, is coming to Norwich. - Credit: Contributed

During lockdown, many of us have watched crime documentaries on Netflix and an upcoming talk in Norwich will delve further into the minds of serial killers. 

The event is returning to the Mercure Norwich Hotel in Boundary Road and will take place on Saturday, July 11 and Sunday, July 12.

The evening will be hosted by forensic psychology expert Jennifer Rees and she will explore how serial killers are classified, debunk common myths and look at the difference between male and female murderers. 

She will also talk about the phenomenon of killer couples and shared psychosis, known as folie à deux syndrome, using case studies of infamous pairs such as Fred and Rose West and Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

A talk on the psychology of serial killers will take place at the Mercure Hotel in Norwich. 

A talk on the psychology of serial killers will take place at the Mercure Hotel in Norwich. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Another part of the show will look at the psychology around serial killers gaining admirers, fan mail and even spouses despite their atrocious crimes, looking at the astounding Night Crawler’s trial.

A time-lapse video will also show a facial reconstruction on a discovered body and show how victims are identified by police.

Both shows run from 7pm until 10pm and you can buy tickets on the Skiddle website for the Saturday here and Sunday here. 

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