It's your last chance to see the giant floating Earth exhibit in Norwich

The Gaia installation of planet Earth has arrived at St Peter Mancroft in Norwich.

The Gaia installation of planet Earth is at St Peter Mancroft in Norwich until October 31. - Credit: Sonya Duncan

It’s your last chance to see a giant floating replica of the Earth in Norwich.  

The 7m replica of our planet has been hanging over the congregation of St Peter Mancroft but it will be taken down after October 31. 

UK artist Luke Jerram created the three-dimensional model, Gaia, from detailed NASA imagery of the planet’s surface, aiming to create the ‘Overview Effect’ - a phenomenon astronauts experience when viewing the Earth from space. 

The installation is part of St Peter Mancroft’s commitment to raising awareness about the seriousness of climate change and its implications for humanity in the future. 

As visitors view Gaia hanging from the beams of the church, the installation rotates once every four minutes - 360 times faster than the real Earth. 

St Gregory's Orchestra will be at the church on Saturday at 1pm with their "Music for Gaia" under Gaia. 

On Facebook on Friday, October 29, The Church of St Peter Mancroft wrote: “You can come and see our home planet today from 10am-5pm. It really does give you a new perspective on our planet.”