Do you dare explore the paranormal in the city's hidden tunnels?

Weird Norfolk feature looking at the underground street beneath the KindaKafe in Norwich.Picture: Ni

Ghost Hunt UK is offering the chance for people to explore the hidden tunnels of Norwich and hunt for the paranormal - Credit: Nick Butcher

A new tour in Norwich is offering the chance to explore the paranormal in the city's subterranean tunnels.

And would-be ghost hunters have been quick to snap up tickets with its first two events selling out.

The secret hidden tunnel tour is run by Ghost Hunt UK, an East Anglia-based company that specialises in investigating the country's paranormal spaces.

Guests will have the chance to explore the underground levels in Castle Meadow, which can be found at the Shoebox.

Founder Joanne Hunt said: "Upon our first time investigating the tunnels there was lots of evidence of paranormal activity, including shadowy figures and voices through a white noise box.

"Guests will be able to explore the space themselves and we are there purely to facilitate this and provide equipment, making sure we don't put any ideas in people's heads."

The next session on July 30 is sold out but future dates will be held on August 27 and October 1 (bookings can be made here:, with more tours planned for the following year.