A new show is filling the walls of a Royal Arcade shop with colour.

Artist Eden Mullane, aged 25, from Wymondham, is opening her first show as a professional artist, exploring her multi-cultural heritage.

Graduating from Loughborough University in 2019 with a first class degree in Textiles: Design and Innovation, Miss Mullane found it difficult to find work within her field during the pandemic, preferring to stay close to home during that time.

Miss Mullane started posting paintings online which she had created of her heritage in Jamaica.

Initially starting as a way to pass the time during lockdown, and explore her identity, "just doing it from the heart". Her success snow-balled and soon requests were flooding in.

Being featured as a contestant on the Landscape Artist of the Year programme on Sky Arts, gave Miss Mullane the confidence to work as a full-time artist.

Out-growing her box bedroom, Miss Mullane works from Muspole Workshops, painting mainly commissioned pieces.

She says: "I could not physically fit the commissions in my room. Going from my bedroom, to have other artists around me is amazing."

After meeting Lauren Rose, Miss Mullane was excited to work together as young professional females.

"My mum's family is Jamaican and my dad is English.

"I grew up in Norfolk and visited Jamaica from the age of nine and that changed my life. Seeing family out there and seeing a different way of life and culture, made me feel very inspired.

"I used art as my way of connecting with that part of my culture.

"This exhibition is my way of celebrating both sides of my heritage.

"I celebrate the beauty of the Caribbean, whilst looking at the harsh reality of things."

Lasting Legacy is on display at Lauren Rose Interior Design in the Royal Arcade, Norwich, from November 5 to 13. All work at the show is for sale.