A photography exhibition on display in Norwich allows viewers to see forms of flowers in a different kind of bloom.

Tim Platt's work, which stems from mathematics and symmetry, is in the perfect setting within the equilibria of Norwich School's Crypt Gallery.

Uniform arches criss-cross over the Norwich School gallery where Platt displays his time-lapse kaleidoscopic imagery of flowers.

Alongside Platt's prints is a video and projection installation, which was made in collaboration with audiovisual artist Benedict Braund.

Platt boasts over 25 years of experience delivering international advertising campaigns for companies such as Unilever, P&G, Samsung, LG, Britvic and GSK, splitting his time between London, where he runs a studio, and Norwich for the past 15 years.

It was in his Norwich garden shed that these images bloomed. As they came to life, Platt used high definition video technology to record the flowers at programmed intervals, taking anywhere between hours and weeks to open.

From these videos, Platt creates his still images by choosing a frame of the video to form a pattern via through coding.

"A lot of our environmental woes are down to the fact that we don't think long term. We know the glaciers are melting, but we don't think about it as we are not watching it happen.

"Time-lapse gives you an insight into transformations which keep happening around us. It is a different perception of time itself.

"We are accustomed to real time being what is going on around us which we can watch happening - that is how we measure time as that is something we can relate to."

Botanical Opticals is on display at The Crypt Gallery at Norwich School until 15 October.