It's been three years since Don Broco graced the stages of Norwich to tour their third album Technology. So when they announced their latest tour I knew that there was absolutely no chance that I would be missing it.

If you've ever been to one of their shows then you will know that they never disappoint. And last night was no exception.

Already warmed up by support acts Kid Brunswick and Noisy, the crowd were more than ready to move by the time Don Broco hit the stage - and frontman Rob Damiani did an excellent job at keeping the momentum going.

The energy levels were at an all time high from the off and kept at a maximum for the duration of the set. I've been to a lot of gigs and Don Broco are easily up there with some of the best performers out there. Not only do they know how to write great music but they more than know how to put on a show. I've never seen anyone play guitar and jump kick quite in the way that guitarist Si Delaney does.

The set included songs from their latest album Amazing Things and their previous albums Technology and Automatic. Having only released Amazing Things a few weeks ago, it was the first time that we have gotten to hear some of the new songs live. And they were just as good as expected.

The crowd danced, jumped and moshed their way through the night, loving every second of being back out and enjoying live music again. It's something we have all craved throughout lockdown and it felt good to be back enjoying something I love along with hundreds of other music lovers.

It's been incredible watching Don Broco grow as a band since I first saw them perform at Norwich Arts Centre in February 2013. Seeing them grow in popularity and develop their sound over time has been great and all the success they are receiving is more than deserved.

Don Broco are just a quality band both on their albums and on the stage and well worth investing some time in to see one of their shows if you can.