20th century Japanese and Tokyo-pop neon colours grace the walls of Moosey Art, in the Norwich gallery's latest show with Japanese artist Takeru Amano.

Playful, bright, and sometimes humorous, Amano has displayed his work around the world, from Hong Kong, to Paris, and now Moosey brings Takeru Amano: Primavera -Spring Festa, to Norfolk.

His first solo show in Norwich, Amano's work has gained him notoriety through his blend of Western iconography and Japanese neo-pop culture.

His subjects are often classic Western female figures who have a long history of appearing in painted form. This show incorporates animals into the imagery, continuing the artist’s amalgamation of mythology and pop, whilst symbolising the arrival of spring.

Mischievousness threads through the paintings, as the brutality of the original mythology is removed, and harmony introduced.

Takeru Amano: Primavera -Spring Festa- is on show at Moosey Art, in Labour Vain Yard, until April 23. Open Thursday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm.