Bright, bold paintings fill the walls of one of Norwich's main commercial galleries.

Recent paintings and watercolours by Derrick Greaves are on show at the Mandell's Gallery on Elm Hill.

Curator at Mandell's Gallery, Rachel Allen, said: "Derrick’s exhibition is an explosion of colour it’s energy is uplifting. To have created these works at the age of 94 is truly inspiring."

The work is an abstract exploration of growth within a walled garden. Derrick Greaves says how "the walled garden became symptomatic of something that could be threatening and enclosing but at the same time could be beautiful, floral and gorgeous."

The artist explores the idea that happiness in life is about individual freedom. He says: "But for individual freedom to count it has to be defined by each individual. People started to find out that although they were enclosed in what might be a protective walled garden, nevertheless they didn’t have the capacity to be able to break out imaginatively from the feeling of being enclosed.”

Derrick Greaves Towards a Walled Garden is on display at Mandell's Gallery until June 11.