Moosey Art's new show, Things That Go Bump In The Night, presents the work of two friends from San Diego and Chicago.

The gallery, based in Labour In Vain Yard, is painted a deep blue for the duo exhibition of Griffin Goodman and Ben Cabral, which explores a pre-teen fear of the ghosts and ghouls.

Ben says: "I wanted to draw on the nostalgia of that cosy spooky feeling of reading with a flashlight under the covers, just a little too scared to sleep, but knowing everything is going to be alright."

This juxtaposed nostalgia of comfort and warmth, with underlying fear and new experiences is repeated through the show via the choice of imagery by the artists.

Recognisable imagery is layered within canvases which have developed from childhood nostalgia. Griffin, whose work is stacked with pop art-inspired imagery from ET, to Power Rangers andWhere's Waldo?, said: "This exhibition centres around childhood trauma, boyhood, and childhood bedrooms, and pop culture from when we were kids. Such experiences are behind the formation of the expression 'things that go bump in the night'.

"Working with Moosey Art has been such a wonderful experience. They are really on the cusp of showing the best emerging artists in the art world at an international level. The show was a total dream come true. Also to be able to show work alongside my best friend was just the icing on the cake."

Things That Go Bump In The Night is on show at Moosey Art until July 16.