Run Norwich 2018: Your kilometre-by-kilometre guide from ladies champion Emma Risbey

PUBLISHED: 17:26 02 August 2018 | UPDATED: 11:44 03 August 2018

The Run Norwich 2018 race village. Picture: Run Norwich

The Run Norwich 2018 race village. Picture: Run Norwich


Run Norwich 2017 ladies winner Emma Risbey gives her kilometre by kilometre guide to how she tackles the challenging 10km course through the city centre

Emma Risbey in action at Run Norwich. Picture: Epic Action ImageryEmma Risbey in action at Run Norwich. Picture: Epic Action Imagery


It’s quite a difficult start along Gentleman’s Walk because it’s cobbled and it’s uphill. Just try to work your way through the hill – you may have to expend a bit of energy getting through a few slower runners but you will be able to make that back in the second kilometre. It will be a bit bunched here but the race soon starts to spread out.


Emma Risbey picks up the ladies' winner's trophy from last year's Run Norwich event. Picture: Epic Action ImageryEmma Risbey picks up the ladies' winner's trophy from last year's Run Norwich event. Picture: Epic Action Imagery

You will hopefully really be able to get into your rhythm along St Stephen’s. The first kilometre doesn’t really count - this is where the race properly starts. I try to latch on to a group of runners at around this point all of who are about the same pace. This is a fast part of the course but make sure you don’t go too hard - there’s still quite a way to go.


Try to stick with the group of runners you’ve attached yourself to. At this point runners are properly running at their 10K pace. You might find a few people drop off that have gone off too quickly whilst other runners will be making their way through.

The Run Norwich 2018 race route. Picture: Run NorwichThe Run Norwich 2018 race route. Picture: Run Norwich

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I must admit that I ran the Run Norwich route the other day and I forgot about this part of the race! You need to keep focused here and stick to your race plan. Know the pace you want to run to and don’t be tempted to go quicker than that. Personally I just have a stopwatch with me so I can just run to feel and not get caught up in constantly checking my pace. This is also where the first drinks stop is so make sure you decide where you’re going to get your water from - the front, the middle or the back of the water station - visualise this before.

Emma Risbey celebrates her win at Run Norwich 2017. Picture: Epic Action ImageryEmma Risbey celebrates her win at Run Norwich 2017. Picture: Epic Action Imagery


This is my least favourite part of the course through Riverside. It’s cobbled again, which doesn’t really suit my running style and makes my feet hurt a little. Just maintain pace and get ready for an incline.


The dreaded Rose Lane part of the course. I just tell myself that it’s a short, sharp part of the route and once you’re through it you’ve got a nice 400m stretch or so down Prince of Wales Road. As I go up the hill I just keep counting up to five and then starting again - it just takes your mind off the hill and before you know it then you’re at the top.

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This is where I really try to push on along Riverside Road heading into Bishopgate. You’ve come through the toughest part of the course and this is where I try to start picking people off.


This is one of the only parts of the course where you can see who is behind you, so I always have a little glance where other runners are. This is where it can get quite difficult and you need to try and hold on to your pace. I tell myself that I’ve only got about 10 minutes left to run and that helps get me through.


I do a lot of 2km efforts, especially along Whitlingham Lane, so I just visualise some of the better sessions I’ve done along there and know that I really haven’t got that much longer now. I know that I’ve still got a 2K effort in me and that’s what I keep telling myself. It’s about to get really hard in the last kilometre but you can only run the one that you’re in - don’t focus on what’s ahead.


It’s one of the toughest finishes to a 10K race but remember it’s hard for absolutely everyone. Try to keep your running form up the hill and I keep counting - that’s the mantra that I use. You can hear the crowds here - try not to stop and walk because it can be difficult to get going again. Try and hang in there to the finish and it’s a great feeling when you get into that home straight in front of the Forum - you’ve done it!

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