U-turn from Stars favourite as 2021 line-up is completed

Erik Riss - King's Lynn Stars v Ipswich

Erik Riss completes the King's Lynn Stars line-up for the new season - Credit: Archant

Hugely popular German racer Erik Riss has changed his mind – and he’s heading back to King’s Lynn.

Riss left fans deflated by announcing he would be sitting out British racing this year, but now the champagne corks will be popping with news of his U-turn.

He’s the final piece in the Minors and Brady Stars jigsaw for the new Premiership season which starts in May.

“I think the club will be stoked to have me back,” said Riss. “I needed the reassurance that I was going to be able to ride this year which is why I originally decided to go to Sweden and Denmark.

King's Lynn Stars rider Erik Riss

Erik Riss - Credit: Ian Burt

“Since then things have been improving in the UK and it looks a lot more positive now.

“It looks like we’re going to get racing this year and I have always said that financially and in terms of racing it makes sense to ride in Britain over Scandinavia.

“I hope everyone is happy with me coming back and that I didn’t upset too many people before, but the Stars management are really happy I’m coming back.

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“In the circumstances with riders like Robert (Lambert) not riding in the UK the promotion has done a good job in putting together a competitive team.

“Before every season it’s the management's and the team’s goal to win the league and it’s always the same. It doesn’t matter where you ride, I don’t think any club goes into a season hoping they don’t finish last.”

Jubilant Stars boss Peter Schroeck added: “We’re very pleased to have Erik back. With him being a club asset he’s very important to us and I believe he is a future number one for the Stars but he will come to realise how good he is in the fullness of time.

“I had small connections with Erik because I rode with his dad but when I first arrived at King’s Lynn we became quite close because I know what it’s like being in a foreign country.

“It can be reassuring to have someone who speaks your language. I get on really well with him and he knows he can talk to me about anything to do with speedway or life.”

Minors and Brady Stars 2021 line-up: Lewis Kerr, Thomas Jorgensen, Craig Cook, Lewis Bridger, Ryan Kinsley, Ty Proctor, Erik Riss.