'A test of our friendship' - Talk Norwich City duo to start 24-hour show today

Jack and Chris Reeve of Talk Norwich City with Jake Humphrey at his 40th birthday party Credit: Twit

Jack and Chris Reeve of Talk Norwich City will be joined by Jake Humphrey during their 24-hour challenge - Credit: Archant

Two Norwich City fans will be fuelled by snacks and joined by more than 30 special guests as they host a 24-hour show this weekend in aid of a cancer charity close to their hearts. 

Best friends Jack and Chris Reeve, from the popular Talk Norwich City fan channel, will be broadcasting to Canaries fans from 10am on Saturday until 10am on Sunday in aid of the Big C

As well as gathering an array of famous Norwich City personalities to appear throughout the show, the pair will be joined by fans across the globe, including the New York Canaries at 3am, the Brazilian fan club at 2am and a South African Norwich fan at the crack of dawn.

Ahead of the marathon challenge, Chris said: "I am nervous but really excited, as well as really proud to support the charity that means so much to me personally after they helped me before my mum passed away. 

"There are lots of snacks ready. Both Jack and myself have been to the garage in preparation. I have got three cans of Red Bull and more tubes of Jaffa Cakes than you can imagine. I'll be ordering a pizza late at night to keep me going as well."

Jack and Chris Reeve are hosting a 24-hour Talk Norwich City show in aid of the Big C

Jack and Chris Reeve are hosting a 24-hour Talk Norwich City show in aid of the Big C - Credit: Chris Reeve/TNC

The famous faces appearing on the show include Jake Humphrey, Grant Holt, Darren Huckerby, Bryan Gunn, Dean Ashton, Elliott Bennett and Russell Martin. 

Chris said: "They were all very passionate about coming on, specifically for the Big C. No-one thought twice about it as soon as I said it was for charity. Former pros are continuously wanting to give back to the community."

Norwich acoustic duo Glen and Owen Spooner, who form the local Sons of Mark band, will also be performing for 30 minutes to allow Chris and Jack a bit of time to have their dinner.

"It will probably be a bit random and disjointed, and I am sure things will go wrong which is part of the fun," Chris said.

"Me and Jack are best mates but I think we will be sick of each other by the end of it! It will be a real test of our friendship!"

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So far, they have already raised almost £4,000 for the Norfolk-based Big C and Chris hopes they can raise a further £1,000.

He said he will be thinking of his mum Anne when he is feeling exhausted during the epic show. She died in 2007 after a battle with Hodgkin lymphoma. 

"Jack lost his dad as well so we are using grief to fuel our fire," Chris said.

"We want to do it for them. They [Big C] gave my mum a little bit of happiness in my opinion. At the end of her chemotherapy she had lost all her hair and the Big C helped her get some wigs. She came back with five wigs and could have it in different styles and colours.

"They almost educate you and help families through a 24-hour helpline to get support and to ask questions about what to do."

With Norwich City potentially being crowned champions if they win against Queens Park Rangers on Saturday, the challenge could become a title-winning party, which is what Chris is hoping for.

The idea for the challenge was inspired by a supporter who commented on one of the Talk Norwich City Watchalongs which have been taking place during the pandemic with Norwich matches being played behind closed doors.

Chris said: "What has been so special about the Watchalongs is listening to the Norwich fans and giving them what they want. There has been a real lack of fun during the pandemic so we have been keen to inject a bit of that back into society in our weird and wonderful online way.

"We really will thrive off people's comments tomorrow [Saturday] and it will give us a massive lift."

A fundraising page for the 24-hour charity can be found here.

Fans will also have the chance to win a signed Norwich City shirt by texting a specified number and donating £5 to be entered into the prize draw.