'An inspiration to us all': Former Norwich star on his role in new crest

Former Norwich City player Jeremy Goss was part of the consulting process for the club's new crest.

Former Norwich City player Jeremy Goss was part of the consulting process for the club's new crest. - Credit: Archant

Norwich City legend Jeremy Goss believes the new crest will act as 'an inspiration to us all' and inspire the players of tomorrow.

Goss, who was part of the consulting process for the club's new crest, discussed how it could be modernised to bring it in line with the digital world of today.

However, the former City midfielder, who scored a memorable goal in the win against Bayern Munich in the UEFA Cup in 1993, was keen to avoid any 'radical' changes to the overall design.

"I desperately didn’t want them to make dramatic changes, but I can understand the reasoning behind it to shape it into where we are today in 2021," Goss told the club's official website.

"I didn’t really want them to tamper with it that much, but make subtle changes. Obviously, the castle and lion were outstanding, as is that huge canary sat on top of that ball, and I think the whole thing really captures what we’re about in terms of the strength and the passion that we have as a football club."

Goss believes it is vital that fans are consulted and listened to as part of the decision-making process.

"It's really important that we bring the fans with us in whatever we do," he added.

"It was a great opportunity for the fans to give their thoughts and opinions. It’s absolutely crucial that the football club, whatever it does, goes alongside the fans and gets their ideas and involvement. It’s a real big part of Norwich City - the togetherness."

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Looking ahead, Goss reflects positively on the redesign process and believes it will act as a catalyst for future success.

"This crest has to be an inspiration for us all and I believe the changes that have been made to it have actually inspired and will inspire future players when they come in and see something so modern, so futuristic, and so full of strength and meaning," said Goss.

"It will let them carry on through this club with an identity."

The new crest has not been popular with all and has sparked debate amongst fans on social media as to whether the changes were needed.

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