Di's delight as Norwich fans win the day

Di Cunningham next to the Norwich Pride mural featuring her. Picture: Di Cunningham

Di Cunningham - Credit: Di Cunningham

Di Cunningham says she is delighted Norwich City have listened to their fans over the BK8 debacle.

The well-known City fan and Proud Canaries founder was one of the many who felt let down at the association between City and the Asian online gambling firm.

"I am so pleased that Norwich City have terminated the contract with BK8 and that they've done that after listening to us as supporters," she said.

"Fan dialogue, certainly since Delia and Michael came to club, has really been an important part of the way Norwich City conducts itself and so it's brilliant that conversation with fans on this occasion has won the day.

"I think to an extent the club has lost some credibility in terms of its commitment to inclusion and diversity in this episode. So it's really important that they walk the walk and that they really deliver on their values."

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