'Stubborn' Farke reveals why he is staying at City

Daniel Farke has pledged his longer term future to Norwich City 

Daniel Farke has pledged his longer term future to Norwich City - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke’s ‘stubborn’ streak ensures he will make it his mission to establish Norwich City in the Premier League, after signing a new four year contract. 

The Canaries announced new deals for Farke and his backroom team on Wednesday, keeping them at Carrow Road until 2025.

Head coach Farke insists he is hanging around because he has unfinished business. 

“Now it’s about going the next step, at least that’s my big desire, to make sure this club becomes an established Premier League side where it is possible not to just stay for one year or with a bit of luck two years,” he said.

“No, that it’s possible to stay for a few years in a row and hopefully never to be relegated back, but there is always this danger for a self-funding club, and if this happens perhaps in a few years time when there is unbelievably bad luck in terms of injuries and you go back but you are that established that you go straight up again.  

"Once I want something I can be unbelievably stubborn and work more or less each and every minute of the day to achieve this.  

“I know it’s unbelievably difficult because we failed a little bit in the past decades to create this consistency and it’s never easy but I want to help this club to go the next step and for that the project was not done and I got the feeling there is still more I can give to the club and this is my big desire.” 

Farke insists City’s recent success on his watch is truly a team effort. 

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“This is a club full of togetherness, full of emotions, full of unity and we have achieved this altogether and it’s a moment to be proud,” he said, speaking to the club’s official site.

“This moment is a feeling of being grateful, thankful and humble because I have spoken about my backroom staff but it’s the same with the supporters - without them I’m nothing. We play football for the supporters.  

“It’s not for the sporting directors, the head coach, the players, or even the owners or the board. You play football for supporters and that’s why we all love this game this much.  

“Football is the best sport in the world because we play for our supporters and once I get the feeling they don’t want to see our brand of football, our principles or our values anymore and want to see proper long-balls, 4-4-2, that’s the moment I have to quit. 

“So I need their backing and their trust and I’m grateful that I’m allowed to work in such a privileged and responsible role and that I have the backing and the unity with our supporters. It’s really a great honour and I can’t express how much I’m really thankful and grateful for that.” 

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