Stuart Webber may have called for blame of Norwich City's struggles to not all be aimed at head coach Daniel Farke but also admits he is well aware that everyone at City is under huge pressure.

The Canaries' sporting director called for unity and patience, while admitting that form since bouncing back to the Premier League has been "unacceptable" as he addressed fans after a 7-0 thrashing at Chelsea.

Having stressed that City remain "fully committed" to Farke earlier in his interview, Webber continued: "I am under more pressure. The board is under more pressure. Daniel, of course, is under more pressure. All of his staff are under more pressure.

"The players are under more pressure. We have spent a lot of money on them. Everyone is under so much more pressure.

"It is not pressure that if we get relegated everyone is sacked. It is pressure in a league where success is incredibly difficult to achieve for a club like ours. So many go up and then go down.

"Sheffield United did it. Huddersfield did it. It is like ‘great, where are they now?’. They would swap with us and at least we have something to show for our time here.

"Definitely the pressure is ramped up and so it should. We went to war without a gun last time and now we have gone to war with more ammunition.

"How good that ammunition is, we will find out, but we have backed what we tried to do and now we have to back it up on the pitch."

The Canaries head into Sunday's home clash with Leeds on just two points and two goals from nine games - and in desperate need of a first win of the top-flight campaign.

"We should feel grateful we are under pressure because the alternative is the Championship, where no one cares. Who is fifth in the Championship now? No one cares," Webber added.

"Norwich get promoted to the Premier League and my phone goes mental. In the Championship I don’t get a message because no one cares.

"We play in the best league in the world and it is a privilege for Daniel to go up against Thomas Tuchel or Marcelo Bielsa.

"I said to the staff if we don’t want that, let’s ring up West Brom and see if they want another go and we will push off back to there and play Peterborough.

"Or we can come into this League and (prove we are good enough) and in the end, if we are not, we are not. That is life."

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