Daniel Farke believes when push comes to shove Norwich City supporters will rally behind his side on Sunday against Leeds.

Sporting director Stuart Webber made a direct appeal earlier in the week ‘not to give up on us’ ahead of a Premier League duel at Carrow Road.

City’s support crave a competitive side capable of winning games and scoring goals in the top flight.

So far this season the Canaries have served up precious little of either, culminating in a 7-0 collapse at Chelsea.

“The supporters are the most precious, priceless commodity in our club. We play for them,” said Farke. “It is not like they have to do anything this Sunday. It is not them who have to deliver. We have to deliver on the pitch.

“You know how much passion and love I have for these supporters. I know social media can be tricky in these challenging times but I have also had many positive messages on a personal level this week.

"I know people want us to be successful. I would not put any expectation on our fans. If some do not wish to be with us that is their right.

“But we have people writing us off. We have everyone outside Norfolk it feels do not want to see us in the Premier League. Maybe big investors from other clubs spending more money.

"So if the supporters stick with us and show unity it would be even more remarkable.

“I trust our supporters to be sensitive. They love this club, they don’t want to see this club fail and I am hopeful they stick with us.”

NCFC Extra: Farke defends Norwich City record

Farke has said plenty on a dispiriting performance at Stamford Bridge, but bristled on Friday at any suggestion his squad is a soft touch.

“I think when you ask Brighton they wouldn't speak about we are toothless,” he said. “When I spoke to their manager after the game he said from minute 80 onwards he was happy to take that result at 0-0.

"I don't think that Burnley or Everton would have said we were toothless or Leicester, if I keep in mind what Brendan Rodgers told me after that game, that he felt his side were lucky to win the game after our disallowed goal.

"I don’t even think Mikel Arteta would agree we are toothless when they win a game 1-0 with a goal discussed by the VAR officials for five minutes.

“If you lose a game 7-0 of course it looks like we are. What we have to prove is we can score goals. I would rather lose one game at Chelsea 7-0 than seven games 1-0. In other words, if we are going to make that amount of individual mistakes better it comes against one of the top sides.”